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About HUG United (tm)
*bdHUG United's ambition is to promote art and artists by means of international projects which make sense: an art bearer of messages, a real visual commitment opening a sociological and cultural dimension.
*bd (BY DESIGNERS) is an international artistic project whose aim is to unveil a multitude of images of a place from the inside and from the outside. Design as the expression of a cultural vision, a political vision or a simple and unposed feeling... Design and its diversity as a new way to catch a place.

The whole of international creative scene has been invited to submit its own vision of EUROPE and USA:

Online exhibition:
Call for entries: october 2008 / Online exhibition: june 2009
632 contributions, 47 countries, 52 selected contributors by an international jury: Thomas Brodahl (Stolen Inc.,Surfstation), Carole Guevin (Netdiver), Stefan Lucut (, Christophe Martin (Publicis Net, Computerlove), Tom Muller (Kleber Design Ltd., Mam Tor Publishing, helloMuller), David Rondel Cambou (Hellohikimori), Stanley Wong (anothermountainman).
60884 unique visitors on the website coming from 153 countries, 2127 members in the Facebook Group (more than 2500 during the call for entries)
More than 899 relaying websites (Surfstation, Reform & Revolution, Computerlove {}, Digital Abstracts, QBN, Artskills, Manystuff, Godote, Web Creme, Design in Europe, Design You Trust, Dirty Mouse, Visual Evasion, Blue Vertigo, Design and Design, Visualadvice, CMYKern, Kjeft a!, DesignPirates, Matt, Domestika, Illustration Mundo, Spyline, Journal Graphic, Dexigner, Studio5555, The Strange Attractor, R Magazine, and many more...).

Online exhibition:
Call for entries: november 2009 / Online exhibition: september 2010
527 contributions, 41 countries, 26 selected contributors by an international jury: CharlElie Couture (Painter, Photographer, Musician and Author), Genevieve Gauckler (Freelance, Pleix), Julius Wiedemann (Taschen), Loic J. Sattler aka [LSD]Lysergid (Argonauten G2), Jimmy Pak Wei Chan (United Elite,, Raoul Keil (Nineteen74, Schon! Magazine).
At this step : 36782 unique visitors on the website coming from 142 countries 1410 members in the Facebook Group (more than 2000 during the call for entries)
At this step : More than 414 relaying websites ( Surfstation, QBN, IdeaFixa, Design You Trust, People of design, Dexigner, ArtSkills, Abitare, La Stickerie, Creative Ireland, GOUW, Espaco com Design, Zupi, Dirty Mouse, Designdiary, Design in Europe, Bak Dergisi, Bak Magazine, Europaconcorsi, Designed, Faces of Design, Design Journal, Gomma Magazine, ADG Colombia, Abduzeedo, NeoPixel, Selectism, ValtellinArte, condense, iBLOG, Paperzine, Computerlove, Contest Watchers, Iconfactory, nonzen, Computer Graphic Plus Magazine, Spiky Penguin, elektrodrop, millermedialab, Criatividade Portuguesa, Icono Magazine, vektorjunkie, Freelance Creative Media Alliance, Denny Lang, and many more...).

The ambition is to encourage the freedom of expression, mobilize the whole international creative scene about a place, propose an alternative of its conventional vision, compare these subjective visions in order to finally propose an objective patchwork.
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